I Planted a Garden

I worked at “downsizing”  for an hour. Found this poem and now I’m back on my second love, the computer.

I Planted a Garden

I planted a garden within my heart
And tended it with care,
And now so many happy thoughts
I find are blooming there.

First there’s a row of sunny smiles
And in between a kiss,
And in my garden row I find
There’s love and happiness.

A golden sunshine ever bright
Helps kindly deeds to grow,
And special seeds of friendliness
Are all the kind I sow.

The rain is only silver threads
And every smile’s a rose,
That never wilts and never dies.
But grows and grows and grows.

To keep the garden within my heart
A very special one,
I pluck the weeds of hate and scorn
And plant a row of fun

A seed of joy and a seed of love
And a kindly thought each day…
Always enough so that I might have
A part I can give away.

So that every flower I choose to pick
Will blossom from the start,
And make me proud of the things I grow
In the garden of my heart.

by Garrett Ann Schultz


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