So THANKFUL for CARE volunteers !!

Reattaching deflappers

Added more deflappers

Reinforcing other end

Gorilla tape reinforcement

Temperature at two-thirtyHonestly, I am so grateful for CARE volunteers!! My trailer was shaking; my awning was flapping violently. My handyman, Jim, was not available. I’m quite self-sufficient but recognized I needed masculine assistance. It’s a Sunday afternoon and very few people around; I searched until I found an off-duty volunteer working on a jigsaw puzzle in the CARE multi-purpose room. I asked if he could/would help me. ~~ Hoping for help… I’d already set up my ladder; I’d laid out the extra “deflappers” purchased recently from our Thrift ‘n Gift shop (a bargain). While fighting strong wind gusts, hoping to ally the inevitable, the awning ripped out of his hands. Because I’m self-sufficient (lol), I have Gorilla tape for a temporary reinforcement. ~~ The awning will have to be replaced (expensive/ouch); I can’t afford construction of a roof (terribly expensive).


Internet weather with wind speed

AccuWeather at two-thirty

Lois's porch

Nedra's porch





smiley-face-horrifiedpostscriptTV news meteorologist reported wind gusts of fifty to fifty-five miles per hour!!

3 comments on “So THANKFUL for CARE volunteers !!

  1. Deb says:

    Measure from the center of one awning arm to the center of the other; that is the size of your awning. You can find bargains sometimes on CL and eBay. Much cheaper to just replace the canvas, but you do have to have somebody that knows what they’re doing put it in, because of the springs.

    • Deb, I’ll search for a bargain. I believe canvas (alone) will be sufficient, Handyman, Jim, will be able to replace–when we have pleasant weather and he can work me into his busy schedule.

      Houston television weather news (5:05) described strong winds and showed pictures of large trees blown down.

  2. Jan says:

    Sorry to hear your plight. The wind was furious here in San Antonio last night and some of today.

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