“Puny” but “perky” !!

Is that an oxymoron?

Thirty plus plants getting TLC

Three coleus plants


“Yours truly” feels “puny”!! Seriously!! I’d sit down for a few minutes thinking about the pain in my neck. I’d jump up when I thought of something I needed to do. Example: To remove labels, bottles soaking in the sink. (Yesterday, a friend gave me a large Trader Joe’s paper shopping bag full of wine bottles.) I “needed” my kitchen scissors–which were outdoors. At least an hour went by before I was back indoors. I moved more plants from the tarp shelter, trimmed away dead growth, and thoroughly watered. Outdoors, I was “perky” and did not think about my aches and pains.

Yes, we may have another occasion of freezing temperatures but I’ll cover these with a couple of layers of old sheets. Until that day, I hope I’m giving the plants an opportunity to grow.


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