Experimenting with colors

Tabasco bottles

TV weather at noon


There are dozens of projects I should be working on–indoors!! So much of our nation is experiencing severe cold weather–Southeast Texas, too. Freezing temperatures predicted for the next three nights. I plan to bundle up–about one o’clock–and spend time covering the plants/planters. I should take advantage of enforced indoor weather to downsize clutter. However, I’m coloring Tabasco bottles given to me by a resident in the adjacent Rainbow’s End RV Park. (More than four dozen Tabasco bottles!!) I firmly believe these bottles will be pretty “blossoms” on Awesome Blossom.

I attempted, unsuccessfully, to find the picture/pictures of boxes of Tabasco bottles. But I found this earlier blog message that “speaks” to me today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tabasco bottlespostscriptPostscript, Friday, January 6, 2017: I “knew” there was a picture of the boxes… and I was determined to locate. Three searches…!!

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