Painting inside of clear glass bottles

Pink painted bottlesHonestly, I tackled this project as though I knew what I was doing!! Only today, about nine-thirty, I decided to consult the Internet. Well, my instincts must have been finely tuned because it appears I’ve been doing it correctly. Yes, I “roll”–and “shake.” However, I did not “bake.” That never occurred to me because I’ve allowed them to “air dry.” I plan to stay with “air dry” because my oven is storage for cooking utensils I never use. (Time to “downsize”?) ~~ It’s a mystery to me (and frustrating) when some bottles accept the paint and look attractive but some bottles require twice the time and are streaked and uneven. That’s why I searched the Internet for information.

Four small bottles

Painting the inside of glass bottles (Youtube video).

Another about painting the inside of glass bottles.

A third How to paint the inside of glass bottles.

This is the very best instructions: DIY Painted Jars, Bottles & Vases.

postscriptPostscript, Friday, January 6, 2017: This project is very demanding!! Every few minutes and/or once every hour the bottles need to be turned or up-ended.exclamation-mark-red-in-a-red-circle  After two days (!!) the paint is not dry and (overnight) settles to the bottom of the bottle. Now I see the merit of “baking” the bottles to dry the paint. I suspect I’ll postpone this project until the outdoor temperature is hot enough to “air dry bake the bottles.

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