Saturday wearing short sleeve T-shirt versus Sunday wearing “layers.”

Temperature at six AM Saturday

Temperature at seven PM Saturday

Temperature at seven AM Sunday

Temperature at two PM Saturday

Temperature at two AM Sunday

Temperature at two AM Sunday

Temperature at seven AM Sunday


Temperature in greenhouse at six-forty

Heater indoors


Look at the range of temperature in the greenhouse. Yesterday, in the sunshine, inside the greenhouse, one-hundred degrees.

smiley-face-its-a-secretDon’t tell anyone: The furnace is NOT working in my trailer home!! I’m relying on the Lasko heater. Don’t worry; I’m OK!! If I get too cold, I’ll bring the new heater from the tarp shelter.


Temperature at two PM SundayPostscript: Shortly after I published this message (before nine o’clock), I “remembered” the heat strip installed (mid-summer) in the new air-conditioner. Between the heat strip and Lasko, the temperature inside the trailer finally reached seventy-five degrees. Look at the other two o’clock pictures above. ~~ Just for the fun of it, I checked to see if any other Livingston in the United States. Below is another comparison–with New York.

AccuWeather for Livingston, Texas

AccuWeather for Livingston, New York

Seriously !!

All day, I’ve remained in my flannel pajamas, with a flannel robe, knee-high socks, and fuzzy warm slippers. The trailer is “warm enough” (now) but I don’t want to get out of the warm clothes!! I ventured outdoors (about nine) to turn off the heater in the tarp shelter. I’ve said it before: I’m a “wimp” when it comes to cold weather!!

homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner-mashed-potatoes-stuffingI cancelled an invitation to Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner. I didn’t want to shower, and dress, in (what I considered) a cold trailer. I love traditional Thanksgiving dinner so I’m pretty “wimpy” to pass up a good meal.

More yo-yo weather !!

img_0164Today, the thermometer may reach eighty degrees. Tonight, cold weather moves in. Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday night, temperature in the twenties. I’ve covered the large planters (again).

At ten o’clock, central standard time: My sympathy to everyone from coast to coast suffering from the current blast of miserable weather!!


Postscript, same day, four-thirty PM: Note that the temperature exceeded the prediction.

AccuWeather forecast at four-twenty

Getting ready for “Winter” !!

It (“Winter”) may only last two days but “it” is bringing a blast of frigid air. I covered the plants (again), watered them thoroughly (because I’ve heard plants survive a freeze better if they have been thoroughly watered). New heater in tarp shelterThen I shifted my attention to unpacking and setting up the new heater in the tarp shelter. Well, that heater had met with abuse somewhere between China and Texas because a badly bent bottom. (It couldn’t ever stand up!) That meant a fourteen mile round trip to Lowe’s for an exchange. I “should-a” (would-a, could-a) added a smaller tarp for a door–but didn’t!! Obviously, I’ll heat outdoors as well as tarp shelter.


Old Town Spring, Texas

Wow, I’m so excited!! A friend wants me to see Old Town Spring, the variety of events, and beauty of Christmas lights.

We’re going tonight; I’ll add details of our activities.

I’m so excited!! (Oops, I’m repeating myself.)

Postscript, Saturday, December 17, 2016: My apology, no pictures. It was a very nice outing!!

Number One reason for the visit (for a gift): “The best fudge in the whole wide world!” Here’s their website: Little Dutch Girl.

Rest in peace !!

The clock is deadThis little clock accompanied me during my travels in 2010. I can’t recall when I purchased… but it has been a faithful reliable friend for many years. Recently, it has been in the greenhouse and I’m surmising it didn’t appreciate the heat, cold and humidity. Today, I tried two brands of new, high-quality batteries and it would not “resuscitate.” RIP.

“Bottle Tree” delivered…

for my next door neighbor.

Bottle Tree in new location

Planter soil added

Now neighbor can add bottles

Pansies in planter


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bottles after dark with a flashPostscript, 6:00 PM: While I was in the CARE dining room, for supper, my neighbor placed bottles on the “tree.”  Color of bottles difficult to appreciate in this flash photo.

Click to enlarge for better view.

Bottle tree in sunshinePostscript, Thursday, December 15, 2016, 12 noon: Picture of “tree” in sunshine.

Lots of “oops” !!

Started raining about two-thirty

Temperature at seven AM

Oops, overturned planter

Overturned Cape Honeysuckle

Right side up

Rust on sections of bottle tree


Not enough cement in the centerBecause I had two bricks–and two sections–to support the center, I failed to notice (yesterday) not enough cement in the center. “Oops!!”

Four holes drilled… for drainage. Clear Rust-Oleum sprayed to prevent rust. I was amazed to see rust after (only) a few hours of rain and moisture.


Holes drilled for drainage


Wiping away rust

Trip to Lowe's for cement

More cement for the center

Preparing base for bottle bush

Bottle tree and bottle bush

Support for bottle bush


Sprinkling rain

Temperature at one-thirty


Oats for breakfastwimpy“Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!!”  I hoped to “wiggle” the planter with “Bottle Tree” across the ground into position on the south side of my trailer home. I didn’t have Wheaties for breakfast; I had slow-cooked steel-cut oats! Planter just too heavy; I’ll have to recruit a man to move it.

Something to think about: A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. I’m told I probably used three gallons of water when I mixed eighty pounds of Quikrete. Hence, the planter had/has (more or less) an additional twenty-five pounds. Let’s not forget the weight of the cement block I added in the center.