Lots of “oops” !!

Started raining about two-thirty

Temperature at seven AM

Oops, overturned planter

Overturned Cape Honeysuckle

Right side up

Rust on sections of bottle tree


Not enough cement in the centerBecause I had two bricks–and two sections–to support the center, I failed to notice (yesterday) not enough cement in the center. “Oops!!”

Four holes drilled… for drainage. Clear Rust-Oleum sprayed to prevent rust. I was amazed to see rust after (only) a few hours of rain and moisture.


Holes drilled for drainage


Wiping away rust

Trip to Lowe's for cement

More cement for the center

Preparing base for bottle bush

Bottle tree and bottle bush

Support for bottle bush


Sprinkling rain

Temperature at one-thirty


Oats for breakfastwimpy“Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!!”  I hoped to “wiggle” the planter with “Bottle Tree” across the ground into position on the south side of my trailer home. I didn’t have Wheaties for breakfast; I had slow-cooked steel-cut oats! Planter just too heavy; I’ll have to recruit a man to move it.

Something to think about: A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. I’m told I probably used three gallons of water when I mixed eighty pounds of Quikrete. Hence, the planter had/has (more or less) an additional twenty-five pounds. Let’s not forget the weight of the cement block I added in the center.

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