Saturday wearing short sleeve T-shirt versus Sunday wearing “layers.”

Temperature at six AM Saturday

Temperature at seven PM Saturday

Temperature at seven AM Sunday

Temperature at two PM Saturday

Temperature at two AM Sunday

Temperature at two AM Sunday

Temperature at seven AM Sunday


Temperature in greenhouse at six-forty

Heater indoors


Look at the range of temperature in the greenhouse. Yesterday, in the sunshine, inside the greenhouse, one-hundred degrees.

smiley-face-its-a-secretDon’t tell anyone: The furnace is NOT working in my trailer home!! I’m relying on the Lasko heater. Don’t worry; I’m OK!! If I get too cold, I’ll bring the new heater from the tarp shelter.


Temperature at two PM SundayPostscript: Shortly after I published this message (before nine o’clock), I “remembered” the heat strip installed (mid-summer) in the new air-conditioner. Between the heat strip and Lasko, the temperature inside the trailer finally reached seventy-five degrees. Look at the other two o’clock pictures above. ~~ Just for the fun of it, I checked to see if any other Livingston in the United States. Below is another comparison–with New York.

AccuWeather for Livingston, Texas

AccuWeather for Livingston, New York

One comment on “Comparisons

  1. Deb says:

    Heat strips are good down to 40-ish…probably something simple like mud daubers making a nest that needs to be cleaned out. You can find videos on You Tube of things you can check yourself.

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