Numbers: Two, seven, eleven, etc…

Considering the number of blog messages discussing “numbers,” you might think I have a fetish?!

Icicles on the fountain

Ice and icicles at two AM

burr-3First and foremost: I identify with these two pictures. At 2:00 AM, I ventured out into the freezing temperatures to turn on the heater in the tarp shelter. That was an “exercise in futility” because it didn’t warm the area. At 9:00 AM, I brought it into my trailer home and (imho) a very poor excuse of a heater because virtually no heat!! It was an inexpensive heater so I got exactly what I paid for.


Eighty-two degrees thirty-six hours earlier

Thirty-six hours temperature comparison


Temperature at nine PM Sunday

Temperature at two PM Sunday

Temperature at four PM Sunday

Temperature at six PM Sunday

Temperature at six AM Monday

Temperature at seven AM Monday


Temperature at ten-thirty Monday




Eleven-thirty as I publish this and my trailer home is finally seventy degrees. I’ve been “huddled” in front of the Lasko heater all morning (preparing this message).

Temperature in greenhouse

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