Jim & Roger at work !!

smiley-face-with-cameraYESTERDAY, I took pictures while the guys dismantled the porch and ramp, and hauled it to the “graveyard” of old porches and ramps. I paid for the remodel, in September 2015, so felt like “my” porch and ramp was going “bye bye.” (These are barely a few of the dozens of pictures taken.) This explains why I was too tired to prepare this blog yesterday. Not that “picture taking” is so strenuous but time-consuming– plus the task of covering the plants.

Preparing to move the ramp

Porch and ramp useless to new neighbors

Sheer genius

Moving a section of the ramp

Two heads are better than one

Ready to roll

Just off the highway (1)

Lunch was delivered through the window

CARE Center in the background

Traveling on our right-turn lane

Just off the highway (2)

Headed for the graveyard

Destined for the burn pile?

Graveyard of old porches and ramps

Awesome improvement

An elevator to assist

They will return



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