Another thermometer !!

New thermometerYesterday, I specifically went shopping for another thermometer. The greenhouse now has the sensor formerly in the tarp shelter. With a “cold front” moving in, I want to monitor the temperature in the tarp shelter. More than thirty plants under cover; I can’t control the weather but I can protect the plants.

Note the time: Four in the morning. I was wide awake for about two hours before deciding to get up and “do something.” Sometimes my mind is spinning with thoughts–and plans–and I can’t sleep!!

Technology is so awesome!! The new thermometer automatically set itself to the correct date and time–from a satellite in the sky. So many features in that little instrument!! Walmart had it marked down from $17.88 to $10.00. I’d planned to buy another small single function (for $9.88) but couldn’t resist a bargain.


New thermometer at four AM

Greenhouse at four AMI believe the greenhouse is “warmer” because a much smaller space and completely closed up. By contrast, the tarp shelter is very large with lots of ventilation around the sides, and large opening for a door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ Later ~ ~
Three thermometers

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