Under the magnifying glass: Christmas Cactus nurtured

Live and Learn (4/03/16) has an early reference to the Christmas Cactus.

White stick figure with comment Thanksgiving or Christmas CactusChristmas Cactus transplantedThis was a neglected cactus given to me to nurture; received in February, or March, 2016. Transplanted into a larger planter on April 2, 2016–from a four-inch pot

Christmas Cactus in July (1)

Christmas Cactus in July (2)

Three Christmas Cactus in the basement

Christmas Cactus is dying?


Early afternoon, October 16th, I moved three Christmas Cactus into “the basement” of my trailer home. I’d heard of need to put them in the dark so checked the Internet for information. Here is one link. ~~ Actually, the plants were probably already getting enough “dark” but I put in the basement before reading web sites. Less than three weeks later I observed that this cactus appeared to be dying. I planted a number of the broken branches–and hoped to revive the parent plant.


Thanksgiving Cactus barely alive

Broken pieces of Thanksgiving CactusNow that the cactus is beginning to bloom, it has been identified as a Thanksgiving Cactus.” A friend tells me her cactus is in full bloom–and beautiful.


Earlier rooting of Thanksgiving CactusThis transplant will have special attention in hopes I’ll have beautiful blooms next November.



Steve's Thanksgiving Cactus

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