Productive morning !?

That’s “subjective,” isn’t it?

Temperature at twelve noon

Time to mulch the plants

Close up of bags of mulch

Plants on north side of yard

Ginger and Turmeric

Yellow Butterfly Vine


Plants on south sideLook at the time stamp on the picture identified as “Time to mulch the plants.” Just shy of ten o’clock. Time to take a break at twelve noon but I’m delighted with all that I accomplished this morning.


Strawberry plants outdoors

Strawberry plants in tarp shelter

Strawberry was yum yum goodI’m a “bargain hunter” and could not resist the purchase of a looks-like-new trash container. I’ve looked at those (at Tractor Supply and Lowe’s) but would not pay their high price. Tentatively (in the Spring), I plan to plant the Texas Lilac in that container so I can maneuver the Lilac for “just the right location (in my yard).”


Thrift 'n Gift trash can purchase

Trash bin displayed in my yard

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, 2:00 PM: The air temperature “feels” cold and damp although the outdoor temperature still records sixty-one degrees. After lunch, I returned to outdoor projects but I’m “wimpy” and retreated to the warmth of my trailer home.

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