Mulching made simple ?!

James using blowerJames was blowing leaves into a pile so the riding lawn mower could annihilate. I grasped the opportunity to easily suck leaves into my Worx blower/vacuum/mulcher. I have one-and-one-half trash bags full of minced leaves. One day soon, I’ll “mulch” around plants in my large planters.


Lorraine started mulching

Almost one bag full

James' destroying the pile of leaves

Leaves all gone


Neighbor's on-site storage buildingAn alternate blog title would have been Keeping flexible! I would have stressed my need to stay “flexible” in my schedule and body. I had planned to drive to the mini-storage and load more things into my KIA. However, the “mulching” project (made simple) took priority. ~~ My new next-door neighbor said I can store things in her almost empty on-site storage unit. I’ll use it between mini-storage down-the-highway and donations to the CARE Thrift ‘n Gift shop.

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