Peculiar morning, peculiar day !!

Just a variety of “odd” jobs. Rain last night so, early morning, I was unable to attack projects in the “yarden.” I boiled eggs for my salads; I reconciled my check book register with the bank statement; I watched Dr. Oz TV program (about Alzheimer’s, etc., but not yet available on the Internet). When the sun came out (briefly), I started trimming some of the plants that appear to be going dormant for the Fall/Winter season. goo-goneI picked up wind-blown fallen branches. Just “odd” stuff!! Several boxes (with and without items) were taken to our CARE Thrift ‘n Gift shop. Oh yes, using Goo Gone, I removed labels from several bottles and added the bottles to a Bottle Tree. ~~ I’m eager to start construction on the Christmas Bottle Tree but deliberately waiting until December. I can’t “construct” it on my patio because it would be impossible for me to move the big bulky “tree” from my yard to the neighbor’s yard. ~~ An “odd” project waiting for me: Mix cement and prepare a strong, solid base for two Bottle Bushes. (One  bottle bush for another neighbor who wants a unique yard but does not have the physical ability to prepare.) 

exclamation-mark-red-in-a-red-circleIt bears repeating: I’m having so-o-o-o much fun preparing Bottle Trees and Bottle Bushes!! I’m hoping this project will carry me enthusiastically through the holiday so I don’t succumb to depression (as is my nature this time of year).

Two strings of lightsPostscript: Unplanned, I draped Christmas lights on the plant stand on my patio. I was organizing things for the Christmas Bottle Tree and do not want to mix miniature lights with strings with larger bulbs. The Smiley Faces were a gift, and date back to 2010 and were on display in my T@B teardrop trailer. I was volunteering at Wycliffe Associates (Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Orlando, Florida. ~~ Click on this link to read blog messages for this time frame in 2010.

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