$200.00 shopping spree !!

KIA is loaded with food and items from storage

Contents in all those bottles


My morning did not go as planned. I showered, dressed appropriately, and drove into Livingston to a “high-end” restaurant. I’d been told they serve an awesome Sunday brunch. Everything was dark inside, doors locked, and no sign indicating their hours. This fancy restaurant also has a “bar” and I intended to ask if they would save their pretty empty beer and liquor bottles for me.  Instead, I went to McDonald’s!!  I’ve lived here for thirty-eight months and never been in our one-and-only McDonald’s. (I hate fast food.) Next stop: Dollar Tree for more of the single-serving Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, and red vases. (Red vases for the Christmas Bottle Tree.) Finally: Walmart (and I hate Walmart). We don’t have many choices in our tiny town!! I browsed most aisles, and lingered in the beer and wine corridor looking for pretty bottles. It’s difficult to find “groceries” in glass!! Olive oil, and vinegar in plastic (yuck)!! I’ll put “good stuff” glass olive oil, and glass vinegar, on our table in the CARE dining room. One of the residents loves to put hot sauce on his food so I bought Louisiana Cravin’ Cajun’ hot sauce for him. (I’ll label the bottles so I eventually get them back.) ~~ At Dollar Tree, I found a pretty “topper” for the Christmas Bottle Tree–and stocking stuffer items for the resident’s stockings. Likewise, at Walmart, stocking stuffer items. I may have completed my Christmas shopping in this one trip?!

smiles-face-very-sadEn route home, I stopped at the mini-storage to pay the fee for next month–and load as much as possible into the KIA. I plan to empty the unit within the next month; I hope the weather (and my energy) cooperates. Things don’t always go as I have planned!!

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