The Truth About Cancer Symposium

The day after Thanksgiving, the weather is beautiful, and the garden beckons. However, I’m seated in front of the computer watching (and listening) to The Truth About Cancer Symposium (live at 9:00 AM and beyond).

I’ve been an enthusiastic follower of The Truth About Cancer. The first speaker this morning: Natural News Mike Adams, AKA “Health Ranger.” His presentation was unique and inspirational.

This material is extremely “personal” to me today. Less than twenty-four hours ago, a CARE resident (a “brother”) died. John has been battling cancer for two-and-one-half years. All these months, he was on chemotherapy. We watched him suffer (and suffer, and suffer); we watched him change from active to shuffling (feet) shell of a man.

Three members of the CARE family have transferred to local nursing homes (and are failing). Three of our residents are in facilities for “rehabilitation” but I question whether they will return to CARE. I’ve lost count of the number of CARE “family” members I’ve lost in the three years I’ve lived here.

Even before I turned on the TV morning news, before I drank my first cup of Dandelion tea, I was thanking God for my health!! I thank God–but I also give credit to the years I’ve practiced holistic health. The books I’ve read, the seminars I’ve attended, the filtered water I drink, the desire to consume nutritious food. Neighbors all around me are sick (and dying); I’m the “odd ball” in the CARE family. (It’s difficult being “square” in a round world.)





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