One tiny step on long road toward complete downsizing !!

Temperature before seven

Temperature at four


More than one-half inch of rain during the night but weather quickly warmed up. “Procrastinate no more” was the message uppermost in my thinking. I can’t use “too hot” or “too cold” as an excuse for not tackling the things stored in a mini-storage (down the highway). I failed to take a picture of the load in the back of the KIA. “Tis the season” so I focused on boxes containing Christmas items.

Almost empty Christmas box

Decades oldI shed a few tears as I unpacked… because so many memories!! And isn’t it curious that I’ve hauled those music tapes around for decades?? Those two small boxes too sentimental to deal with right now.


Christmas music tapes

Christmas music tapes

Boxes for Thrift 'n Gift shop

More donations


Next trip: I’ll take a step-ladder so I can reach the top boxes. If that is too difficult, I’ll need to hire Roger to help me.

Oops!! The day of the week is wrong on second temperature picture. Why is that happening?? Time for Lorraine to reprogram!!

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