Once a “proof reader” always a “proof reader” ?!

“Bottle mania” is an illness infecting a very small percentage of the population. I **thought** I was free of the symptoms but they caught up with me again today. The only way to control the mania: Shop every grocery aisle looking for food (or drink) in colored glass bottles. Truth be told: The Sprite is the only item I’ll consume. ~~ For many years, I earned a living as a “proof reader.” With that background, mistakes jump off the page at me!! The minute I opened that pretty green bottle, I saw what I perceived to be an error. However, with closer examination, I see the Sprite was bottled in Mexico. OMG!! Coca Cola bottling in Mexico? Cars, clothing, electronics, etc., etc., all manufactured overseas (or across the border). It is my prayer that President Trump brings jobs back to the United States of America!!

No retornable Sprite bottle

Green Sprite bottle


Green and blue bottle grocery purchase

Thrift shop purchases


By necessity, I was in Livingston to have the KIA inspected before paying my annual vehicle renewal fee. Waiting, waiting, waiting…. Today’s only redeeming factor: A brief stop at the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop. Sadly, I never find colored bottles in thrift shops and very few colored vases. ~~ The new (used) bottles are sparking clean and the labels removed. 


Temperature at four“Hey proof reader lady; the day is wrong on your weather station. How’d that happen??” (It’s Thursday, and I don’t know.)confused-head-with-question-mark



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