Extremely unusual day !!

Hospital IDYou’ve heard me speak of years devoted to health and nutrition?! Yes, half my lifetime. I believe a “holistic” lifestyle has served me well. However, for almost two years I’ve had a persistent problem that I hoped, and prayed, would go away. It hasn’t!! Six days ago, I saw the Nurse practitioner at the clinic here at the CARE Center. Blood was drawn… and I’m anxious to hear the results. An appointment was scheduled at the local Livingston hospital. I had a restless night; I was showered, and dressed, before six and at the hospital before seven (appointment time). I’m doubly anxious for the results. You could care less **BUT** I have tiny veins that are difficult to locate. I resent being a “pin cushion” in the lab!! Both arms are bruised from last week and this week!!

open-bookThe reader knows my life is an open book. So I’m checking in with my unusual day. (No yard work.)

One comment on “Extremely unusual day !!

  1. Julie says:

    Getting definitive information is key and the blood draws crucial and worth it for peace of mind. I sincerely hope that all turns out well and we’ll add your name to our 24/7 manned prayer chapel book. In addition, my fingers are crossed for good luck.

    I have tiny veins but am a blood donor and achieved my 4-gallon certificate last month. Regretfully, my right arm is rejected by the phlebotomists because of a tendon lying over the small vein, so my left arm is the sole source and is gradually becoming scarred. It’s doubly disappointing because of no other option when the “stick” is flubbed and have to heal the hematoma and vein, returning 7-10 days later. I am hugely disappointed but feel badly for the technician because they are very sorry every time, and it probably is noted on their performance information stats.

    Good luck! We’re thinking of you.

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