Tuesday trivia

Temperature at two

Temperature at almost two

Temperature at twelve-twenty“Yours truly” is indoors, at the computer, because all energy was exhausted doing projects this morning. The weather was perfect for working in the storage building and tarp shelter. Correction: the morning weather was perfect…. It became uncomfortably hot by noon, and unbearable by two. Earlier…, I removed a lot of things from the storage building–and most are on my patio awaiting decisions. This was a good time to consolidate all my bird feeders. I fashioned hooks from old wire hangers. ~~ Honestly, I put a lot of stuff in a trash bag and all will be hauled away!! ~~ Things are set aside for a donation to Thrift ‘n Gift. ~~ A “casual,” but productive morning!! ~~ Note that I have “disaster preparedness.” Food and emergency supplies if we have to “shelter in place.”

Disaster preparedness (2) and other stuff

Disaster preparedness (1)

Stuff cluttering the patio

Ten small bird feeders

More feeders than I knewWishful thinking: I wish there were a few neighbor individuals interested in birds, and gardening. I’d love to share some of my “too much stuff” with them!! FREE

Mid-afternoon, I became the recipient of two more pathetic, neglected, discarded plants. Nothing I want but I’ll transplant… and nurture, and eventually (hopefully) find a new home for them. (The planters are battered and broken, and can’t be salvaged.)

A day in the life of an old lady!!

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