For my amusement !!

“Yes, numerous other projects await my attention!!”  This is more fun!!


Bottles and vases

Ha ha


At the bottom, green bottles that I call “bottle weeds.” In the middle “bottle bush”; at the top “bottle tree.” Truthfully, more vases than bottles.   🙂   Click to enlarge for more detail.   🙂   If you want maintenance-free color in your yard, consider the purchase of a “tree” or “bush. Shop your local thrift stores for bottles and vases. From your own kitchen: Glass olive oil and vinegar bottles.

On my wish list.*

* But I’m too tight-fisted to spend $45.00. Ha, ha, ha!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

bottle-tree-giantPostscript, same day, 4:00 PM: I frittered away the entire afternoon on the Internet. I was shopping for another “tree” and was amazed by the variety on eBay. OMG, some cost a fortune!! I saw the picture (right) and followed it to this interesting blog message. Here’s another…. Furthermore, yet another interesting article but (strangely) no pictures. I love the Internet: A search produced this article with pictures.

This is so-o-o-o cute!!

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