Compared to “Matthew”…

…my water problem is miniscule!!

Roger checking the leak

Saturated insulation

Water is draining

Ripping out insulation

Roger under trailer

Pulling wet insulation from underneath trailer

All that wet insultion

The broken pipe

Wash, dry, fold (1)

Wash, dry, fold (2)


“Yes, both tarps were used under the trailer” (to lay on). Nasty job!! Honestly, I’ve noticed what I believed to be “a little leak.” However, Jim and Roger were concerned enough to crawl under the trailer looking for the source. OMG!! There was a big crack in a pipe and water had been collecting in the insulation for a long time. After a trip to Lowe’s, the broken pipe was spliced. Now we wait for everything to dry out. Later, they will install new insulation under the trailer.

“Hurricane Matthew” has dumped rain, wind, havoc, devastation and death on the Caribbean, Florida, and Georgia. Too soon for reports about damage in North and South Carolina. Believe me, I’m not complaining about my water damage!!

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