Why You Should NOT Rake Leaves But Mulch Them

Why You Should NOT Rake Leaves But Mulch Them

Boy, do I need that message!! Oops, not the answer I wanted!! I don’t own a “mulching mower.” When I saw that title, I thought I’d find a reprieve from raking leaves.

Other options

Depending on how many hardwoods you or your neighbors have, you can use leaf blowers to blow leaves into landscaped beds or use a lawn vacuum to vacuum up leaves. Leaf vacuums will produce finely chopped leaves that are excellent for placing in flower or vegetable beds. When spreading leaves in garden beds, be careful not to smother ground covers.

Whatever you do, don’t let fall leaves get away. Use them somewhere in your landscape!


cartoon-lady-raking-leavesLeaf vacuum, what’s that? I checked the Internet and found those I could afford and numerous I can’t afford. No “impulse purchase” today; I’ll “sleep on it.” This WORX would certainly take the strain off “yours truly” but, in light of recent major expenses, I may forgo the purchase.

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