Obsession with matching numbers ?!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I am **NOT** in a good space. It’s too hot and humid to work in the garden so I search for ways to keep from “unplugging” from normal day-to-day activities. Glancing at the weather station clock isn’t problematic. Grabbing the camera every time it registers matching numbers is bizarre! Frequently I “bury” myself in preparation of blog messages. Documenting matching numbers isn’t new; I found this earlier blog coincidentally titled Matching Numbers. Why is this the topic of a message today? 

My handyman, David, phoned on Saturday to tell me he’d be here on Tuesday at nine. He didn’t want to drive on the holiday weekend. It’s two o’clock–Tuesday–as I type these words and David hasn’t arrived nor phoned. This “air-conditioner” situation is driving me crazy!!

Temperature at ten

Temperature at eight-thirty

Temperature at ten-twenty

Temperature at ten-thirty

Temperature at eleven

Temperature at ten PM


The blog messages are my “journal.” Years ago we wrote the daily activities in a diary (or journal). Today I looked back to see what I was doing this time last year. I was asking plants to Please Grow, and working with an Indoor Challenge.

The year prior (2014), I was talking about Good News (less humidity).

In 2013, I was preparing for the move from North Carolina to Texas. On television, I was watching PBS with a series about The National Parks.

Now, it’s three o’clock Tuesday afternoon and my burden is lifted; I’ve had an attitude shift in the last hour!!  Believe me, today I really, really needed to read At Any Cost. (Please read At Any Cost.)

exclamation-mark-in-red-with-eyes-and-armsIn 2010, I was in Goshen, Indiana. I was on my nine-thousand-mile, nine-month-trip traveling with my beloved TaB Teardrop trailer.

What a pleasure to reminisce…!!

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