Counting my blessings !!

Just another day in the life of Lorraine. I puttered in my garden while Roger scrubbed and waxed the trailer. (Jim at another RV re: air-conditioner repair.) Rain due to arrive early afternoon so they can’t apply the roof coating. My air-conditioner man, David, stood me up again (thermostat needs to be installed). I’m not complaining because my air-conditioner is working admirably (but the RV store wants their wrong parts back). It is wonderful to retreat to eighty-two degrees inside my trailer home. The garden is nice but the trailer is “nicer” when “real feel” is 104 degrees!!

Roger shining th front

Burned out bulb


Patio items in place

Planters in place


Temperature at noon

Fullscreen capture 8222016 115821 AM.bmp

Counting blessings numbers

Counting my blessings!! I have (1) a neighbor with MAJOR roof leaks, (2) a neighbor with MAJOR air-conditioner/roof problem, and (3) a neighbor needing his toilet replaced.

Life is good

Postscript, 2:30 PM: Hard rain for half-an-hour (1:30-2:00); more than one inch in the gauge.

Lake Lorraine

One inch in half hour

Temperature at two-twenty

Fullscreen capture 8222016 22848 PM.bmp

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