Dollars and sense !!

Dollars spent on roof repair makes sense to me!!

Dollar signsYesterday, Jimmy and Roger were repairing the roof of a neighbor-resident. I commented that I have a minor leak and might need them “in the future.” Jimmy checked my roof and commented on several potential problems. I said “Put me on your calendar.” I hadn’t anticipated the next day!! Yipes, another major expense so soon after new air-conditioner purchase.


Roger is ready

Roof view (1)

Roof view (2)

Leak may only be broken vent cover

Dropped sun screen

Tomato plants moved

Need to move storage box and shelves

Covered rain barrel

Stuff was moved

Storage box relocated

Shelves were moved

Wide view of Roger and my yard


More pictures to follow.

Ha, ha, ha!! Even though I received “a round tuit” yesterday, I planned to procrastinate another major expense. No procrastination on Jimmy’s part; he must own “a round tuit.”

One comment on “Dollars and sense !!

  1. Mary says:

    There is always something isn’t there!

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