Taking care of business !!

So many outdoor projects have been neglected!! Neighbors have returned from a one-month motorhome trip; time to return Shirley’s ladder. In an effort to prevent theft of the ladder (again) I added her name for identification. Likewise, my name on my recently acquired (from a yard sale) ladder.

Shirley's ladder

Lorraine's ladder


Fels-Naptha sprayed on nestI followed directions and chose to spray (with Fels-Naptha) the wasp nest first thing this morning (or late evening recommended). No wasps in the new trap. ~~ Then I started the project inserting screen on the vent door. I’ll complete… in the comfort of my air-conditioned home.


Getting ready to install screen

One inserted

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, same day, 2:30 PM: This crazy old lady gardener made a special trip to Livingston for a short piece of plastic tubing. She’s eager to get the fountain going!! Home again and picture taken to document the heat and humidity. Last picture illustrates “faux pas.”

Temperature at two

Wrong size tubing

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