“Wash” so I can “wear” !!

All my summer wardrobe was dirty!! I couldn’t procrastinate any longer!! At 5:30 AM, I was in the laundry room of the adjacent RV Park. Even with an air-conditioner running (and I was the only customer), the laundry room felt like a sauna (at 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, etc.). If I’d been a Hershey’s bar, I would have melted; likewise, a stick of butter…. No relief whatsoever from the heat, outdoors before sunrise!! It was such a joy to return to my cool and comfortable trailer home–at eight o’clock. As I mentioned on a picture, clothes may not “air dry” due to dense humidity (84%).

Temperature at eight, thermometer in lawn chair

Clothes may not air dry

Temperature at eight

Fullscreen capture 8112016 83625 AM.bmpThe temperature may vary between thermometers but miserably hot any way you look at it.


Clothes to put away

Long skirts hanging outdoors


“Laundry” is a service I’m entitled to–part of the monthly fee to live at the CARE Center. However, I’m persnickety about my clothes!! This old lady likes to wear long skirts rather than shorts or pants (and I receive compliments regarding my wardrobe). My skirts (like my garden) need “tender loving care.” I wash them in cold water and do not run them through the dryer.

Tender love and care

Temperature at three PM

Fullscreen capture 8112016 30149 PM.bmp


Skirts moved indoors

Skirts hanging in shower


The wind came up, the sky darkened. I thought we might have a thunderstorm so I brought the skirts indoors. Sadly, no rain and we continue to bake in the extreme heat.

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