Quick as a wink !!

Angry waspWasp nest behind the refrigerator?? Next time David is here, I’ll have him investigate. This morning I was stung by a wasp–inside my trailer home. I was walking around bare foot and “quick as a wink” I experienced instant pain. I’d stepped on the wasp!! I’ve checked the Internet for answers; I’ve done self-remedy.

Smiley Face varietyAccidents happen so quickly–especially as we get older. More recently, I’ve been concerned I might trip and fall because a cat has adopted me. In my “yarden,” it follows me around–like my shadow–and forcefully rubs against my legs. He belongs to a neighbor and I’m not “encouraging” him to stay. Plants, and pets, welcome!! Insects, and snakes, welcome but I prefer they keep their distance!!

Tanner at my feet

Cat adopted me

One comment on “Quick as a wink !!

  1. Deb says:

    He is rubbing his scent on you and making you one of his humans. Surprised they don’t have leash rules there.

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