Driven… !!

Temperature at tenSo much to do in my “yarden”; so many projects have been neglected!! Watering and weeding top the list of priorities. This morning, however, I forced myself to accomplish a procrastinated project. I want to plant the Hummingbird Bush–which grows very large–so needed to prepare the large container. (The air-conditioner had a respite from nine PM until ten AM.) “Driven” to do the project but “driven” indoors about eleven (due to heat and humidity).


Drilling holes in bottom of container

Lots of holes

Pebbles for planters

Less soil required

Patio Pickers were a failure

Patio Picker is empty

Sponges to retain moisture

Later, container will be repositioned

Temperature at eleven

Temperature at two


Grateful for rain !!

Temperature at threeBetter than Christmas!! I was so excited when I heard rain on the roof!! I dashed outdoors and sat in my rocking lawn chair and watched it rain–for only five minutes. But it cooled the air and was so delightful. (We haven’t had rain since June 10th.) A Hummingbird visited the feeder while I was enjoying the rain–and the rocking chair. While refreshed and energized, I launched into the planter shuffle. Then I trimmed the Lantana to the ground because a blight has affected everyone’s Lantana plants. (I may plant something else in that planter.)


Rained for five minutes

Temperature at three-thirty

See the splash?

Hummingbird at feeder

Time to shuffle planters

Planters rearranged

Trimmed Lantana

Shuffle completed

Singing praises !!

Temperature at one-fifteen

Temperature at two


Twenty-four hours ago my air-conditioner wasn’t working. I didn’t panic, I didn’t worry. “It’s going to be OK” was my trademark reply when Staff, Volunteers and Residents inquired. ~~ It was “off” (turned off) for several hours. At six o’clock I turned it on and it has been faithfully working ever since. I’m singing and praising!!

Smiley Face singing


Good grief, no A/C !!

Temperature at one-fifteenReportedly, this is the day Houston will document one-hundred degrees on the thermometers. Some locations have already recorded one-hundred, and I had one-hundred on my thermometer one day. Well-l-l-l-l-l, I guess the heat finally got the best of my air-conditioner. The first time it clicked “off,” I was smart enough to check the breakers. After I repositioned the breakers, the A/C ran for a few minutes and clicked off again.  I’ve been to my on-site storage shed for an oscillating fan but the storage shed must be 350 degrees and I won’t take time to shift things around and extricate it. Maybe this evening?? Frankly, I should have “planned ahead” and had it available!!!! ~~ Smiley face sweatingI’m a masochist (lol); I’m going to see how long I can survive in the hot trailer before retreating to the CARE Center. I want to take pictures as the temperature climbs!! ~~ FYI: My A/C has been running day and night for about two weeks. Previous years, I was able to turn off the A/C at night. We have had extreme heat this Spring and early Summer!!


Summer heat

Temperature at two

Temperature at three

Temperature at four

Thermometer It's Getting Hotter

Temperature at five


Temperature at six

Temperature at sevenThe air-conditioner was turned on at six o’clock and seems (at seven) to be slowly cooling the trailer. Between six and seven, the A/C didn’t click off. All afternoon, I’ve been “hanging out” in the CARE Center.


Temperature at eight

Temperature at nine

Smiley face two thumbs up winking


Temperature at ten

Temperature at twelve midnight

Temperature at three AM

Temperature at six

Temperature at seven

Smiley face very good


Good relief: A/C seems OK!!

Bye bye, big & beautiful !!

Temperature at eight-thirty

Moved the planter with Bluebird house

Broke some fingernails moving rock

More red rocks to move


Relocated Bluebird houseSometimes I’m the last one to know details about events at CARE (because I spend so much time in my “yarden”). However, word reached me that “they” will be starting construction on new RV sites next week. Without being asked, this morning I moved the planter and Bluebird house. Question mark with figure (use 7-20)Questions: Will the Bluebirds come six feet closer to my trailer home to nest? Will the other birds come to the feeders?

White stick figure waving goodbyeBye bye, big and beautiful side yard!!

Captured on film !!

Last night, CARE volunteers “went the second mile” for the residents. Woody bent over the fire preparing s’mores, Sharon and Sue provided sodas, water and hot chocolate. Don, Roy and Mary assisted…. Julie and Camille captured the sights and sounds for a future documentary. A delightful evening!!

Jule taking pictures

Camille taking pictures

Music man Mike

Silly frog skit

Woody making s'mores

Cool breeze, pleasant evening

Smiling faces

Bubbling with enthusiasm !!

Weaving a tapestryYou are awesomeA couple of young ladies are working on a film documentary about “full timing” RVers. They have graced us with their presence for several days–and (perhaps) another twenty-four or thirty hours. Yes, the residents have lots of stories about RVing but CARE is all about “hanging up the keys” and “the end of the road.” It was so affirming to be interviewed on my patio followed by a tour of my garden!! ~~ I feel so loved, so affirmed!!

One track mind ?!

Garage yard sale signQuite unusual for me, this morning I visited a “garage sale” in the adjacent Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park. I have more “things” than I need or will ever use. However, this sale advertised tools and yard items. Oh my, what a valuable collection of tools–but I have an adequate variety (and nothing there I needed). I purchased the new RV/Marine hose (although my “need” was one month ago). Now I have a spare. The ladder is a valuable acquisition because I’ve had a borrowed ladder for over a year. Time to return–but “they” don’t use…?!

New used ladder

Borrowed ladder


Six weeks ago, the “borrowed” ladder was stolen. It would have been quite expensive to replace!! Frankly, I panicked. Two “handy men” were working next door and I approached them and asked “Did you borrow my ladder?” The reply: “That is our ladder.” My rebuttal: “I beg your pardon, that is my ladder.” One handyman drove home and returned with the ladder. ~~ More explanation than you needed but insight into today’s purchase.


Garage sale (poster)


Under the magnifying glass: Hummingbird Trumpet Vine

Deep hole in the ground was an earlier blog about my Hummingbird Trumpet Vine.

Preparing to plant Hummingbird-Trumpet vine

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine in April 2015

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine in July 2015

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine May 2016

Clippings in a jar of water

Passage preferred

Next to tree is OK

Access to the field

Improved passage

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and magnifying glass with black handle


Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine following the fence

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine on the fenceAbove, and to the left, “chapter one” of the Hummingbird Trumpet Vine. Note my comment on one of the pictures “Believe it or not: Passage between my yard and the field is more valuable than the plant.” ~~ Below: “Chapter two” documents the growth of clippings.


Clippings from Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine

Took root and growing

Vine growing rapidly

Requires constant weeding


Three bird feedersNo exaggeration:The planter needs constant weeding! With three feeders, bird seed germinates–and sprouts–almost as fast as I remove it. If and when the vine blooms, it is close to the Hummingbird feeder.Exclamation mark red with stick figureQuestion mark with stick figure Did I hear the question “Why the grill?” Because the squirrels love to dig in my planters!!


Hummingbird feeder near vine

White stick figure with two thumbs up


Vine touching the ground

Weaving vine down fence