Grateful for rain !!

Temperature at threeBetter than Christmas!! I was so excited when I heard rain on the roof!! I dashed outdoors and sat in my rocking lawn chair and watched it rain–for only five minutes. But it cooled the air and was so delightful. (We haven’t had rain since June 10th.) A Hummingbird visited the feeder while I was enjoying the rain–and the rocking chair. While refreshed and energized, I launched into the planter shuffle. Then I trimmed the Lantana to the ground because a blight has affected everyone’s Lantana plants. (I may plant something else in that planter.)


Rained for five minutes

Temperature at three-thirty

See the splash?

Hummingbird at feeder

Time to shuffle planters

Planters rearranged

Trimmed Lantana

Shuffle completed

One comment on “Grateful for rain !!

  1. Mary says:

    We enjoyed about 15 minutes of rain – it cooled it to 90 degrees here but oh did the humidity go up!

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