Oh boy, oh joy !!

Hummingbird feederIt takes so little to make me happy!! About 7:30 AM, I saw a Hummingbird at the location where, normally, a feeder is hanging. So it must be a return visitor, hallelujah!! I haven’t seen a Hummingbird for over a month (too hot?) so took down the feeder(s) because the nectar sours quickly. Quick as a wink, I put nectar (stored in the refrigerator) in a feeder and hung it.

As usual, outdoors early to water and weed–and replenish the bird feeders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, 3:00 PM: Received this email message with three pictures

This little female was so comfortable around autistic grandson William and I /we could snap several photos from about a foot away.

Hummingbird in Bend, Oregon (1)Hummingbird in Bend, Oregon (2)Hummingbird in Bend, Oregon (3)Oh boy, oh joy; the email and pictures thrill a grandmother’s heart!!


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