Under the magnifying glass: Yellow Butterfly Vine

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and green plantSee Silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Searching for pictures of the bed frame–with Yellow Butterfly Vine–I realized it was a “poor little step-child” that “got no respect”*. Very few pictures: How rude of me to ignore my “bedfellow” of three decades (yes, a mattress on that frame from 1983-2013). If you look closely (first picture), the bed frame is leaning against the pine tree. Scarlet Runner Beans never sprouted (second picture). Giant Climbing Tomatoes didn’t live up to the hype (picture three).  “Relocated planters” prompted picture four; if you click on the picture (to enlarge) you can see the Butterfly Vine. Likewise a tiny portion of planter and vine in fifth picture. Protecting the plant against freezing temperatures prompted picture number six, and Calabrachoa blooms were topic of picture number seven.


Bed frame against pine tree

Bed from in front of trailer

Giant tomatoes planted

Bed frame and relocated planters

Bed frame in background

Covered against freezing temperatue

Bed frame with Calabrachoa

Butterfly Vine


*Rodney Dangerfield….


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