Under the magnifying glass: “Mystery” plant

Magnifying glass with flesh-color stick figureMonths ago, a neighbor-lady gave me a clump of dirt with a plant. I neglected it for a period of time but finally put it into a planter. On April 24, my neighbor-lady brought a bloom from her plants. Oh my, how pretty!! Obviously, another question for Dave’s Garden because neither of us knew the name.

Bloom from unknown plant

Unknown plant

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Within an hour, the name was revealed to me: Neomarica gracilis aka Walking Iris / Apostle plant. I read several web links for information. Number one: The plant (my plant) needed to be moved from full sun to partial shade. (Isn’t the World Wide Web a wonderful resource??) ~~ Check this link, and this link, and this link. So-o-o-o interesting!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking Iris and Elephant Ear

Walking Iris close up

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