Love Packages

Heart with love bannerRecently, I learned about Love Packages.

Several days ago, from my book shelves, I started packing Christian books into a large box. Contrary to statements about hours spent in my “yarden,” I’m “downsizing” during the hours I’m forced to stay indoors out of the heat and humidity. Many household items have been donated to the CARE Thrift ‘n Gift shop. Books, however, do not sell–or are offered for ten cents or a quarter. I have a sizable library of Bibles and devotional books and I’m thrilled to find a place to send them. The box isn’t full (yet) but I’m dedicated to the project. Missionaries in far off lands will benefit when I’m “pushing up daisies.” 

Box of books and Bibles

Box is labeled to Love Packages


DaisiesSeveral BiblesSadly, this old lady has difficulty reading small print!!

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