Another temperature experiment ?!

My “yarden” (my coined word) needs lots of attention. Numerous hours are spent researching information (and documented on Casual Approach Rejected Entirely). I recently learned the heat may have attributed to fewer blooms on tomato plants. I’m continuing my unscientific experiment today. I want to document the heat under shade cover. I’m using three different sources; perhaps an “average” will provide a reasonably accurate answer to my question??


Temperature at seven with weather station

Temperature at seven with small thermometer

Temperature under shade covering Garden Tower

The temperature is consistent on above three thermometers. Below, the experiment begins (at 10:30).

Sensor and display

Little clock thermometer

Three displays

Television temperatures

Temperature at eleven-thirty

Temperature at eleven-thirty on weather station

On the cement at one PM

Temperature at one on weather station

Three sources temperature at three PM

Temperature at three


Averaged temperature at five PM

Number one hundred percentsatisfaction with my unscientific experiment showing temperature for planters in the shade. Remember, that area is “boxed in” by storage building, tarp shelter and trailer home–and article labeled this as urban heat island.”


Planters under cover

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday at six AM

Weather station at six AM

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