Sixty-four Thousand Dollar Question !!


What should I do?? ~~ When I stepped outdoors–about six–a not-so-large snake was clinging outside the door on the “open” edge. It started to enter my trailer home and I slammed the door on it. But it disappeared into the trailer!! It was not killed; it didn’t drop down on the steps or patio. I’m apprehensive (to put it mildly)!! The brief glance I saw of it, probably a “safe” Rat Snake. Maybe the one I photographed earlier??

Temperature at six$64,000 question: Despite extreme heat (more work for the air-conditioner), should I leave the door open  so snake might exit??

OMG pink colorYipesIt was bad enough that I was cautious in the garden–watching for a snake. Now I’m searching for a snake inside my trailer.

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