Never a dull moment !!

New de-flappers west end

New de-flapper east end

Recent purchase de-flappers

Recent purchase sensor

Sensor in the treeA volunteer installed new de-flappers to the awning and repaired the tear. Now, rain water should drain off awning into rain barrels. Hallelujah!! ~~ I installed new batteries in new sensor and secured it to a very study ring, and the ring to a tree limb. I defy any storm to take down the new sensor!! ~~ Just for the fun of it, I double-checked separate sensor temperature under tarp shelter.


Checking sensor under tarp

Fan drying out the basement

Shredded paper and cardboardWhen I wasn’t pinching insects or pulling weeds, I cut cardboard into small pieces for the Garden Tower compost tube. Several boxes were ruined due to major water leak so a valuable resource. (Waste not, want not.) It’s 4:00 (four days later) and I’m still waiting for my handyman, David.


Sensor is probably workingDouble-checking the new sensor against my stand-by reliable little clock thermometer. ~~ Always an object to photograph; always a blog message to write. Never a dull moment!!

One comment on “Never a dull moment !!

  1. Mary says:

    You are busy, busy, busy!!!!

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