The warrior ?!

Pinch Lorraine’s at war with the insects on her tomato plants!! Yesterday, one plant; today, another plant. Spraying does not seem to faze them so I’m “pinching” them. (I read about “pinching” as I searched the Internet for a description and solution.) Personally, I’m not fond of contact with insects but this seems to be the only effective way to get them off my tomatoes!!


Handpicking. Ultra-low-tech but effective for organic gardeners, handpicking is just what it sounds like: Spot pests and squish them or brush them into a pail of soapy water (or collect them for your chickens). Keeping a close eye on your crops and knowing how to identify pests are the keys to this method. Pests that haven’t become overwhelming in number and are big enough to spot easily, such as slugs, tomato hornworms and other worm-type pests, are prime candidates for handpicking.

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