Sticky fingers !!

Glue projects

Shelf with heavy planters


The weight of the Christmas Cactus planter caused the shelf to press downward onto the plastic container with small planters of “Money Moss.” I didn’t have a piece of wood the right size so I used some of my “pebbles for planters” plastic medicine/supplement containers. Yes, I glued my fingers together; how awkward!!


Sedum blooms

Starting second planter of Money Moss


Smiley face with mouth contortedNot one of my finer days!!


Color of paint on neighbor's porchThe paint color my neighbor chose for her porch and ramp really sent me into a tailspin!! I paid for the porch/ramp remodel; spent over $200.00 for planters, soil, plants, trellis, Shepherd’s Hooks, bird feeders, etc., so she has an attractive view. (She admired my garden and wanted one “just like [mine]”.) ~~ Five decades ago, a girl-friend in San Francisco said “If you want to know how important you are, stick your fist into a pail of water. Remove your fist/hand and see the impression left behind.” 


The neighbor's view

The neighbor's view (2)


The plants are already blooming. By mid-summer, lavish shades of purple, red, orange and yellow.


Picture of Patsy's deck

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