After the storm !!!!

In our area, it only lasted about ten minutes. Wow, what a ferocious storm!! Lightning flashing like Fourth-of-July fireworks!! The power went out; I grabbed a flashlight. All this started at 5:22 AM: Trailer shook violently, hard rain, lighting and thunder. I quickly dressed and got organized in case things got worse. I went to the CARE Center where “we” would have shelter–and a generator for power. Four volunteers and yours truly were the only ones there. No management, no maintenance, just five of us scratching our heads wondering what to do. ~~ According to Houston TV, lots of damage in that area.

Toppled support for shadeThe wind force was strong to topple fifty pounds of cement in the base of each support for the shade cover. Likewise, consider the weight of soil in the cucumber and pepper planters. ~~ One inch of rain in the gauge–and the storm lasted less than ten minutes!! ~~ Postscript, 11:05 AM: Houston TV meteorologist said wind was forty-five to sixty miles per hour.


Toppled cucumber planter

Toppled cucumber and pepper planters

Uprighted planters

Uprighted shade supports

Lots of limbs and debris

One inch of rain

Drooping tomato plant

Supported tomato plant

Clean up after the storm

Temperature at ten-forty

April 27 storm screen print

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Attitude of gratitude!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, one o’clock: Eight trees went down between the CARE Center and the highway. I’m so blessed that trees did not fall on my trailer home!!

Just a reminder of my trees

Trees north side and south side

Eight trees went down

Tall tree horizontal

Roots of the tree

Gratitude consists of (poster)


Eighty-five degrees at threeBrilliantly beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular afternoon!!Bright sunshine

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