More precious than gold !!

Seeing projects completed is such a joy!! David’s expertise is more precious than gold!! Some projects are “too heavy” or “too technical” for this old lady. True story: I tried to repair the awning support but didn’t have enough hands. 😉  I couldn’t lay those 12”x12”x4” blocks because too heavy. 😦 Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!!

Removed the form

Preparing to set five blocks

Chipping away old cement

Setting blocks straight and level

Setting five large blocks

Bags of dirt for David's land fill

Future home of veggie planters

Temperature at three

Bags of dirt for David's land fill

Repair of awning support

Repairing awning support

One of three deflappers

Deflappers on awning

Tension for awning

Lorraine loves it

Water leak repaired

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Thursday, March 24th, 2016: Tower Garden is finally in its designated place.

Oops, the rain is missing the rain barrel

Temperature at five-fifteen

Temperature at eleven

The object of my affection

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