Preparation !!

Under the awning

Tarp shelter like a balloon


Houston TV meteorologist’ predict a week of rain. I’ve taken the precaution of moving my veggie planters under the awning of my trailer home. Last year my garden suffered from drenching rain.

What’s cookin’?

Visit Lake Lorraine

Too soon old, too late smart.


Saturated veggie seeds and sprouts

Planter full of water

Draining water from planter

Awning is torn


There’s no guarantee my planters will have adequate cover this year. Less than two weeks ago, the strong winds tore my awning. I might loose the awning completely in another storm?! (FYI: Because it’s torn, we can’t roll up the awning.) ~~ I have small tarps, and plastic drop clothes, available; I won’t allow my precious veggies to drown.


Wind gusts

Symphony of wind chimes

Rainfall potential

One week forcast


My TV antennaThe wind interferes with my through-the-air television reception. CARE residents hear me say (after lunch) “Gotta go; I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Oz.” Every weekday, at one o’clock, I begin to feast on the valuable information on his program. ~~ I refuse to pay the exorbitant price for satellite reception!! My one-time expense was about $200.00. I have to deal with corrupted digital signals occasionally but I’m not complaining.

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