One last time ?!?!

Next ten daysCooler weather for the next ten days. This afternoon I’m covering plants again. Hopefully, for the last time (this season)!! This morning I fought with water line connections (with temperature in the forties). Overnight, a small lake developed in the yard between my trailer and my neighbor’s trailer. New fittings…, new washers…, a variety of tools required, and the hoses still leak!! I don’t have enough strength to put enough torque on the fitting to make them stop leaking!! I’m so frustrated because my head says I can do projects but my body says “Sit on the patio and watch the birds.” ~~ I’m at the computer while eating lunch (carry out) from the dining room. I’m in my “grubbies” (work clothes) and did not want to change, and clean up, because more dirty work this afternoon. (I’ll spare you the boredom of pictures of plants covered with sheets. If really interested… see Prepared for freezing temperatures.)


Temperature at one AM

Temperature at six-thirty

Three hoses on manifold

Leaks in two places

One comment on “One last time ?!?!

  1. Deb says:

    Did you use a pair of Channel Lock or water pump pliers on the connections? Or any type of pliers you can get to open wide enough?

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