Watching the thermometer !!

Tomorrow morning temperature

One week weather forecast

Temperature at five AM

Temperature under tarp shelter

Temperature at six AM

TV weatherOut of bed to check the temperature. Quickly back under the covers!!

Temperature under tarp at seven with little clock

Temperature at seven under tarp shelter

Temperature under tarp at nine with little clock

Temperature under tarp according to monitor thermometer

Sensor under tarp shelterYours truly is obsessive about the temperature for her plants. It’s forty-five degrees outdoors as I type this at 10:30. The two thermometers under the tarp shelter record forty-four degrees. Hopefully none of the plants (outdoors or under the tarp) got too cold. Another cold night is forecast—for Sunday night/Monday morning —so I’ll leave covers over the outside plants.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I find it curious that the temperatures vary from thermometer to thermometer. It is 58 degrees outdoors–and no wind–so I should grasp this opportunity (after two days) and work in the yard!!

Two devices under tarp shelter

Temperature from sensor under tarp shelter

Outdoors-Indoors temperature

Sensor for outdoor-indoor thermometer

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