Wind and cold !!

Temperature at six-thirty

Toppled bird house and feeder


Wind blown planter base of bird house and feeder

The local morning TV news advised the viewers of “freezing” temperature all over the area. Due to the wind gusts, the “feels like” temperature listed ten degrees below documented number. I didn’t sleep well due  to wind shaking my trailer home. It is supposed to warm up “slightly” so I will brave the cold and cover my large plants. ~~ Oh no womanI was shocked to see the Bluebird house and feeders on the ground. There is approximately thirty pounds of cement at the base of the pipe supporting the bird house. Likewise a similar weight of planter soil (that’s a large planter). I won’t be able to move the planter alone.

Our weather is mild compared to the miserable conditions north and east of us.  The predicted snow fall will cripple many cities (including Charlotte, North Carolina, a former “stomping ground”).

I won’t bore you with pictures of all the plants I covered. You can see an earlier effort to protect my perennials in large planters. One exception: I recently purchased a large “frost blanket” capable of covering several planters at one time. ~~ Temperature is forecast to dip to twenty-eight degrees (or colder) tonight.

Trellis blown over by the wind

Frost blanket

New frost blanket

Temperature at almost three

Tomorrow morning temperature

One week weather forecast


My second Garden Tower was delivered to the sidewalk. I didn’t know it was here because I hadn’t been outdoors for two days. (I have plenty of good groceries; I don’t need to go to the CARE dining room.) I’ll move the Garden Tower to my storage unit (down the highway) until ready to use it.

My second Garden Tower

Heading for the storage unit down the highway

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