“Déjà Vu” !!

Oh, no, not again !?

More water on tarp roof

Temperature at nine-thirty

Three, to get ready

Getting the last dab with the broom

Broom as a support

Broom support viewed from outside

Cover strawberries again

Tine and temperature at ten

Coconut fiber arrived



Well, in some cases, you can teach an old dog a new trick. I set up the ladder and dipped out the water!! I then forced the broom handle into one of the planters and hope it will stay in place and prevent water from accumulating on the tarp roof. I started covering plants again because freezing temperatures predicted for tonight and Sunday night. Burr-r-r-r it’s cold outdoors!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time and temperature at one-seventeen

Broom fell downExtremely cold (in my humble opinion) as I covered the plants (with wet sheets). I felt like an icicle. ~~ Sadly, the broom didn’t last long as a support.

Wind whipped covers

Time and temperature at two-forty

The meaning of deja vu, and quel dommage.


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