“Lorraine, we have a problem”

(I didn’t want to write “Houston, we have a problem” because the wrong message for search engines!!)

Look at the problem created by two inches of rain over the previous day and night.

Over two inches of rain

Sag and water on the tarp roof


Maybe thirty gallons

Volunteer is dipping water out


One of the CARE volunteers came to my rescue. It was too heavy, I couldn’t push the water off the tarp roof. ~~ Next time (if there is a next time) I’ll set up a ladder and dip out most of the water. Eventually, I’ll have another long “tie down” across the pipe frame on the inside. It would be a major task now because the plants, shelves, and table would have to be removed so we had access. ~~ During the morning, I swept leaves, cleaned and filled bird feeders, and removed covers from the plants (soaking wet covers).


One comment on ““Lorraine, we have a problem”

  1. Deb says:

    Can you find something light to slide under the tarp, across the frame…in other words, between the frame and the tarp, that would keep some of the rain from puddling? Maybe a piece or two of pvc, with the ends protected or capped, slid in and bolted to the existing frame? Maybe a pvc frame, a square or something, that could bolster the tarp from the under side, and be held by legs to the ground?

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