Caster dolly

Late yesterday afternoon, my friend, David Wolfe, delivered the base of my Tower Garden attached to a caster dolly. It is so much better than I anticipated!! I thought the casters would be attached to two 2″x12″ planks; nothing fancy. David went “above and beyond.” ~~ Today, I purchased paint and applied the first coat. ~~ I’m building a blog devoted entirely to my Tower Garden. Perhaps you’d like to read that one too?!

Very sturdy dolly

Sturdy frame for casters


Painting the top of caster dolly

Painting the bottom of dolly


Second coat of paintPostscript, Christmas Eve afternoon: Second coat of paint.

One comment on “Caster dolly

  1. Deb says:

    After your trouble finding small amounts of exterior paint, I’m going to call and see if get exterior Behr’s or Ben Moore in “sample” sizes. I need just enough for one side of a door. Dolly looks great!

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